About Your Bill


Understand Your Bill

Once the readings are submitted to Umeme, the system deducts the customer’s previous reading from the current one so as to come up with the number of units consumed within that period.


Previous reading = A – Date: 24th Dec 2015

Current reading = B – Date:20th Jan 2016

Units Consumed (C) over the period = B-A

Therefore, it is units (C) that will be billed according to the tariff setting being used at that time. The date on the bill represents the day the bill was issued by Umeme. All charges relate to the previous month’s electricity consumption.

The charges for the month will then be added to the balance brought forward from the previous month if not settled prior to the billing date. Any payment made within the period in question or any adjustment will be subtracted from the total bill to get the amount owed by the customer up to then.

Estimated Bills
This results as no reading has been submitted, when the submitted readings are not within the consumption range in the system, when there is no meter at site etc. Estimates are arrived at using a smoothing algorithm in the system.