Disconnection Eligibility

With exception of KVA & TOU Customers, only domestic accounts with balance carried forward from a previously unpaid bill will be eligible for disconnection. Domestic accounts should never be disconnected for nonpayment of current bill only and all disconnections should be based on data that is up-to-date.
Customer Notification

Customers due for disconnection will be warned 48 hrs before disconnection is effected.

Domestic Customers will be warned by SMS, print notices or through media. Print notices will be issued where telephone contacts are not available.
TOU & KVA Customers will be alerted by telephone and where possible, through face-face meetings.

A system (OICS) generated disconnection order will be issued to the Customer each time a disconnection is effected. All Disconnections must be managed through OICS to ensure a comprehensive view of activity particularly important to the Contact Centre, meter reading and Billing sections.

The Disconnection/Reconnection Field teams/contractors will have their names imprinted on their branded overcoats and will carry IDs issued by their companies in a manner visible to customers.
Delinquent Accounts

Customers with complaints or queries concerning their accounts will not be disconnected until such complaints have been appropriately resolved and the Customer notified of the action taken.

No Customer shall be disconnected for non-payment after showing proof of full payment that may not have been considered at the time of generating the disconnection order.

The Disconnection/Reconnection Field teams will strictly abide by Umeme`s high standards of ethical behavior as laid down in the Code of Conduct.

Any offending person will be subjected to disciplinary measures according to the company procedures.
Disconnection Times/Days

Disconnections will be carried out before 3pm on weekday’s only, excluding Friday and public holidays. No disconnection will be effected on a day preceding a public holiday.


Customers will be reconnected as soon as it is practically possible, in any case not later than the close of business on the day following payment. Incase of wrongful disconnection, reconnection shall be effected as soon as possible, in any case not later than 6hrs.

Customers will be informed on the reconnection order of the time frame within which reconnection will be effected and contact details of the help lines available.