Prepayment Metering

What is Yaka!
Yaka! is the prepayment system from Umeme that allows customers to conveniently manage and control their electricity. It works much like buying airtime for your mobile phone line, when the units are used up, the customer can buy more to continue using the service.

What are the benefits of switching to Yaka!?
The service allows you maximum control and monitoring of your electricity consumption. – The service has been made convenient by extending it to the customer. – The customer is offered many vending options 24 hours 7 days a week. – The customer is able to buy electricity units in affordable quantities before use. – With Yaka!, paper bills, disconnections, hassles of reconnections and long queues are eliminated.

How does Yaka! work?
Upon conversion from a post paid meter to the Yaka! meter, you are given a meter number (on the meter card)

Purchase Yaka! units by paying the amount you want using your specific meter number. You will receive a 20 digit token, Load the 20 digit token onto your Yaka! meter and watch to see if the purchased units have been added to your balance.

– Once your units are added, you can now use your electricity. When the units are running low, the meter makes a continuous beeping noise to warn you. When this happens, load more Yaka! units.

How is Yaka! Computed?
The computation of Yaka! is impacted by three things; the discounted Units, the Service Fee, and the VAT. Discounted Units (15 units each at Shs 150/=) are earned once in 30 days. Service Fee of Shs 3360/= is charged once in 30 days. VAT is charged on every transaction. Therefore if one makes multiple transactions during 30 days, he earns discounted units once, and service fee is levied once. These affect the units you get in each transaction. Here is an Example

How do I convert from my post paid to Yaka!?
1. Should the Yaka! roll out team be in your area, scouting teams will come to your residence
2. You can also visit your nearest Umeme offices and ask for Yaka! to be installed

In either case, the team will give you:
– A conversion schedule/ notification letter
– A contract of Supply Agreement Form
– A prepaid information pack

After signing the documents, the Yaka! meter is installed with 10 pre-loaded units and you will be notified by SMS.

Are the 10 pre-loaded Units that come with my Yaka! meter Free?
The 10 pre-loaded units on your Yaka! meter will be fully deducted on your first purchase.

What if I have arrears on my Post Paid bill?
The customer has the option to clear the arrears outright but if you are unable to, the arrears are transferred onto your new Yaka! account and gradually deducted at a rate of 30% of your subsequent token purchases until the debt is cleared.

Where do I get Yaka! units?
You can pay for your Yaka! using TouchPay which is an electronic payment system with a wide network of channels i.e. mobile money, banks, major super markets and other third party payment channels.